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October, 2002


Destiny Calls

  New URL It may not be a log, its a fun dream come true. A trip from Montreal to South America and back on a CS27.

Sail with Shards

  I hope you have caught some their great cruising videos on TV. A wonderfully executed web passage,

Veleda's World Cruise

  Veleda's World Cruise, reads a bit more like a log and is full of updates.

Spirit of Canada

  Spirit of Canada with Derek Hatfield at the helm, will carry Canada's colours to the far oceans of the world.

Around Vancouver Island

  The story is set in 1995 and 1996 as is based on fact . The story is 13,000 words long and contains about 40 images.

Clayoquot Sound

  Clayoquot Sound. Clayoquot is the fourth (counting down from the top) of Vancouver Island's five west coast sounds.

Queen Carlotte Islands

  "The question was "where". Baja always beckons, but reality always sets in. Finally the answer became obvious — the Charlottes. "

Rainbow Chaser

  "For whilst money spent can be re-earned, time cannot and as the clock of life is wound but once,I for one,intend to try and make every second a winner and I invite you to come with me and do likewise. "

The Sally S.

  The Sally S., a 75' wooden tug, located just outside of Seattle, Washington,

Metal Boats

  Another great Pilothouse article

BVI notes

  BVI notes

South Seas Publishing Co.

  South Seas Publishing Co. Kawabunga's South Seas Adventure is a romantic, true-life saga about an intrepid couple who follow their dream of sailing over the horizon to the South Seas.

Circumnavigator's Handbook

  Circumnavigator's Handbook 'We begun about my circumnavigation: "Sail into the Sun". '

Around the World on a Catamaran


Building Seayanika


Cruisers Log


Pacific Circumnavigation


Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories


Pacific Circumnavigation


Inland Cruising

  Cruising stories about the inland waters of the United States and other Countries aboard the M/V ILLUSIONS, from Houston, TX.



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