June 2009
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And now even more weather links

  • www.canadian-weather.ca An excellent live and current weather observation and forecasting information tools
  • Aerospace & Marine International Corporation - Provider of marine weather information and services. Our professional meteorologists provide service for industry, government, research, and recreation.
  • Interactive Marine Buoy Observations - Source for offshore weather conditions and forecasts. Real-time access to winds,waves and weather from over 275 coastal buoys worldwide. Check on current beach weather or monitor the conditions inside a hurricane!
  • Marine Weather dot Com - Marine Weather Forecast & Warnings, Radar, Satellite Images, Full Hurricane Information, Wave Heights, Winds, Marine Weather Worldwide, Buoys, and much more.
  • Marine Weather Inc - Marine Weather Forecasts, weather services and advisories including hurricane and tropical storm warnings, climatology and forensic meteorology for the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay.
  • Marine Weather Services - A Mariner's Guide to Marine Weather Services.
  • Marine Weather Services - For 15 years MWS has provided research, forecasts and routeing services to the marine industry, and particularly, yachting.
  • Marine Weather Services - Marine Weather & Oceanography Services of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.
  • National Data Buoy Center - NWS forecasters need frequent, high-quality marine observations to diagnose conditions before they prepare forecasts and to be sure their forecasts are correct. NDBC provides hourly observations from a network of about 60 buoys and 60 C-MAN stations to help meet these needs.
  • National Hurricane Center - The Tropical Prediction Center's Home Page
  • Oceanweather's Home Page - A private marine weather forecasting company that specializes in global, regional and site specific forecasts. Oceanweather also provides wind and wave modeling to help in the design of maritime structures.
  • Shippingforecast and Weatherlinks - Forecasts for the North Sea, Baltic, North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean.
  • SOMAR Meteorologia S/C Ltda - Southern Marine Weather Services (Brazil)