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Lift Lock 21 to Nassau Mills Lock 22

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Trent University crew boat practicing

Trent University crew boat at practice
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From the Peterborough Lift Lock to Lakefield there are 5 locks which will raise the waterway level another 64 feet. The Otonabee River in this stretch passes thorough rolling farm land with often wooded shores. Although few prior cruising guides give the section much notice we enjoy the section with its accompanying lock park's, perhaps because others often rush through and the bugs are not too bad at night.

Approaching the lift lock from above provides an unusual view the closer you come to the lock entrance. Because of the lift height the canal at the base totally disappear.

Approacing from upstream  Lock 21

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It is here that you can tie-up for overnight, but you are going to have to stay as the upstream control gate at Warsaw Bridge is closed at night as a safety precaution against surge. For history buffs it is only a block or two the Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archive's. After hours there is not too much close by, however there is a good selection of stores and shops west along hunter street a good 8 block walk.

Hunter Street Bridge above lift lock

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The upper pond ends at the overhead bridge where the canal narrows and runs straight for the Warsaw Road bridge and control gate which can be seen in the distance.

mile 91 Warsaw Road Bridge and control gate

Warsaw Road Bridge Has only 5 feet of clearance and is opened when the lockeeper sees you approaching. As mentioned before the control gate immediately upstream of the bridge is 90% closed at night and off season to protect the lift lock from unexpected surges.

mile 91

Once clear of the control gate it is a straight run down the ditch for the first half mile before it makes a gentle bend to the east opening into a slightly wider basin.

mile 94

Your only notable landmark is the CHEX television tower on the east shore which provided Television Road its name. More important to the cruiser is the immediately after you pass the tower at mile 91.9 you enter an area of marshy shallows and foul ground that will stay with you for the next mile and a half. Depending on the traffic staying as close to mid channel as possible is the best policy.

C71 south of Trent University crew dock

As the channel narrows to a ditch again the waterway is crossed by numerous power line the lowest at 27 foot clearance. You will also encounter a non functioning bridge just before you re-emerge to open river at C71 on the west side of the ditch. During later summer you should be aware that the Trent University crew dock is immediately to east above the concrete walled channel and you will often find the teams practicing or worse launching the shells.

Trent University is on the west shore

Passing the university always makes me feel that I am on the other side of the pond and extremely reminiscent of English universities except for modern architecture. Yours course winds under the campus bridge before Nassau Mills Lock 22 comes into view.

Lock 22 upstream

Nassau Mills is only a mile upstream from the university and consequently its well kept surrounding park land is a popular spot for student to enjoy a summer afternoon. When approaching from downstream there can be strong currents which make close proximity to other vessels risky.

Lock # 22 Nassau Mills

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 22 94.3 151.82 14' 120' 6' Starboard

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