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Everet Point to Picton Bay

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Marinas Information

From Collins Bay SW to Sandhurst Bay is mostly free of offshore dangers with good depth. The North Channel is not wide and landmarks are easy to distinguish along the shore. Near the community of Amherstburg there is a submerged water intake 326 feet offshore. There is also a submerged pipeline east of the water intake which extends SSE) 230 feet.

Fairfield Park

On the shore of the open bay is Fairfield Park for day use is part of the St Lawrence Park Commission. Slightly to the west of Fairfield Park stands a well preserved eighteenth century house which was built by William Fairfield in 1793,after being imprisoned during the American Revolution and has survived since the arrival of the United Empire Loyalist, of whom Fairfield was one

2.6 Miles WSW of Collins Bay shown as 44° 12' North and 76° 41' W is Nicholson Point which is wooded, with several private homes. Nicholson Point Light ( 431 ) has a white tower with a red top and an elevation of 36 feet is located on the point. Proceeding west from Nicholson Point there are limestone cliffs 10 to 16 feet high forming the east side of the Parrotts Bay, while on the west side are gravel beaches and a sloping terrain.

Photos are winter shots, (99 summer due by October 99 issue) they show the low lying islands and shoals lying between Amherstview on the mainland and Amherst Bar on the NE corner of Amherst Island require attention when sailing this area.

You can anchor in Parrotts Bay but be aware that although you are sheltered from NW wind you are open to the SW. Celanese Canada lies 1 mile west of Parrotts Bay and is conspicuous with a reddish building and a white water tower of 193 feet . Ashwarren Internationals storage tanks 0.15 mile east are conspicuous and its discharging berth is 0.3 miles SE of the Celanese Canada. The berth consists of a concrete pier, with two dolphins connected by catwalks. Its face is 300 feet long and 10 feet high, connected to the mainland and plant by a causeway of 450 feet . Depth were recently reported to be 35 to 38 feet.


Proceeding west the Upper Gap connects to the North Channel as you pass Amherst Island on the south. Millhaven East Light ( 432) is located on the outer end of the Ashwarren International wharf on a mast halfway between the west dolphin and the central pier with an elevation of 19 feet. There is a submerged water inlet for the plant 0.3 miles west of the wharf extending 0.3 miles offshore, marked by privately maintained buoys.

Millhaven Creek enters the North Channel 22.5 miles SW of Nicholsons Point. The town of Millhaven lies both sides of the creek. The Ferry dock is on the SW side of the creek which is also the Millhaven Public wharf having an outer face of 105 feet and is conspicuous. The south and east walls are reserved for ferry use. There is also a shoal extending from the east entrance point of the creek, recently reported depths were 9 to 16 feet along the outer face. It is here on the mainland that you catch the Wolf Island II ferry to Amherst Island from Millhaven to arrive at the town of Stella. The scheduled service operates from 06:30 and 07:20 then every half hour from 08:30 to 01:30 the following morning.

Amherst Ferry

Caution here is necessary as there are bubbler pipelines to minimize ice formation along the ferry route between the Millhaven and Stella wharves.

To the west of Millhaven 1.4 miles WSW at the east entry point of the open bay is Bath Point Light ( 434.5) marking the shoal water off Bath Point.

Proceeding west from Millhaven you can observe a conspicuous grey water tower 0.7 miles NNE of Bath Point with an elevation of 290 feet with the square chimney of the Millhaven Prison 0.3 miles east of the water tower with an elevation of 213 feet.

Formerly a Loyalist village Bath, is no longer the shipping port it once was. There is the well protected harbor of Loyalist Cove Marina east of Bath Point sheltered by a boulder breakwater, beginning on the western shore and extending NE along the top of the basin. The break wall is disable by four fixed white lights located along the walkway.

Bath has a quaintness about it, mainly because of it's origins and the essentials of life can be found on Main Street with a Foodland, bakery, laundromat, and a 7 day a week hardware store. For eats the word was the informal Last Chance Cafe for families or Vics Place. For those with a thirst there is the Old Town Tavern.

Proceeding west into Adolphus Reach proper. On the mainland 4 miles WSW of Bath is the conspicuous Lennox Generating station which is light brown in color and has two tall chimneys of 676 feet which are grey in color with the uppermost 50 feet painted white, both chimneys are lighted. Adolophus Reach begins at the Indian Point Light (44 ° 07' N, 76 ° 51' W with the community of Sandhurst shores. A submerged water intake is 0.1 miles NE of Sandhurst Shores extending 295 feet offshore, there is also another water inlet extending offshore to a crib which is marked by a buoy.

Prinyers cove

Proceeding west on the Prince Edward County side of Adolphus Reach is Prinyers Cove. On windy days you will have to watch out for the open lake surge which pushes north past Indian Point and the western tip on Amherst Island. For those who run this section regularly there is no surprise but for the visitor the relative calm of the reach very quickly gives way to the force of the lake when prevailing south west winds are strong.

Pryner's Cove

Pryners Cove

The Prinyers Cove entrance lies almost directly south of the Lennox Generating station on the mainland side of Adolphus Reach. It is best to center yourself up on the entrance staying well offshore from Indian Point along the Cressy shore.

The entrance to the cove has several resident moorings along the western edge and you should stay mid channel past the old fish port on the eastern shore. There are a number of submerged rocks below the cliffs on the western shore as you enter. The docks are all private. The first dock to the east ( Cressy shore) where you will see numerous cradles is private and used for haul out and mooring is by arrangement only. Approaching the marina be aware that there is limited depth so do not approach the gas dock at a direct course but stay mid channel until you are abreast before turning in.

There have been problems with a shallow area just east of the marina dock and your approach should be from the southwest. The docks themselves are dredged to 8 feet depth along the western side.

Prinyers Cove is located on the north eastern point of Prince Edward County,and on the north side of Cressy Point, which is separated from Amherst Island by the Upper Gap. Prinyers Cove is one of the best anchorage's along the Bay of Quinte route, and over the years the hospitality at the marina has become extremely friendly and there is even a boat that will come around, usually in the evening during season, and ask if their is any supplies you need for delivery the next day.

Pryners Cove

Early in the year, before it becomes too weedy, during daylight hours you can proceed deep into the SW end of the bay. There is also a small cove half way in on the north shore which has rock bottom with difficult anchoring. You will need adequate scope due to the weeds particularly in northeast winds. At the southwest end you will find numerous moorings which if available will be marked for rent by a marina float. However, there are also a large number of private resident moorings in this area.

pryn_dktn.jpg - 14359 Bytes

If the wind goes to the north east you want to anchor well back as holding here can be pretty sketchy. It is also absolutely CRITICAL that you have mosquito repellent and screens as this is the mosquito capital of Lake Ontario. I have pulled in to anchor in August and the bugs were so bad it was a waste of time swatting them as the moment you brushed them off your skin would be covered again. Brutal.

Pryners Cove

Prinyers Cove Marina (613) 476-6835 There are again new owners Don & Barb Houghton, who have been upgrading the docks. Facilities ashore are limited to a small clean building which houses the office, washroom, laundry. The Marina now has a store which contains most of the essentials that boaters may run out of. There is no gas available. However, we do have pump out facilities, a fully equipped clubhouse with showers and a small kitchette. The screened in porch is excellent for watching sunsets and avoiding the bugs in the evening.

The marina has a runabout they use to collect mooring fees if people do not have their own dingy. Both the floating docks and the permanent dock have 15 and 30 amp service. Early in 2007, a new house will open as a B&B for visitors who want to escape their boats for a day.

However if you are transiting the Reach this is stopping place it should not be missed. The operators are still friendly and the rates the best in the area if you wish a dock. The anchorage secure but has a hard (or weedy) bottom requiring relatively heavy ground tackle. There are picnic tables along the gas dock and on the shore.

For Services please see the Marina listing at the bottom of the page.

Back on Adolphus Reach and heading west you will reach Cole Point A note of Caution is that there are often fishing nets off the mainland 3.6 miles WSW of Prinyers Point. These nets extend offshore to deep water and you should stay well offshore. Adolphus Reach Light (440) has an elevation of 33 feet and has a circular white tower of 28 feet with a red upper section it is located on the northern side of the reach 1 mile SW of Cole Point.

West of Cole Point on the mainland is low lying and wooded Allens Point 1.9 miles WSW of Cole Point which forms a shallow bay bordered on the west by Pull Point which is 1.4 miles further WSW of Allens Point and Lyons Island on the eastern end of the bay. Lyons Island is approximately 30 feet high and appears to be almost two islands.

Adolphustown Provincial Park is on the north shore of the bay with a gravel launching ramp, sandy beach, playground and picnic areas. You can get gas, ice, groceries, bait, and tackle from the small store near the park entrance. Adolphustown is located somewhat to the north.

Glenora Ferry - Glenora at highway 33

Continuing west to Youngs Point 44 ° 03' N, 77 ° 03' W which marks the south end of the mainland peninsula you pass cottages and farms. Youngs Point is the mainland ferry terminal of the Youngs Point to Glenora ferry service. There are three docks at Youngs Point for the ferries with the old eastern-most one in ruins. The working docks have elevations of 8 feet with a reported depths of 5 feet.

glen-fisheries commission

The ferry leaves Youngs Point and Glenora on the Prince Edward County side every 15' from 06:45 to 22:30 hrs the every 30' for the remainder of the night.

Glenora Restaurant

On the south shore of the reach on the Prince Edward County side is Glenora which is the southern terminal of the ferry. The Ministry of Natural Resources Glenora Fisheries Station is located just east of the ferry dock and is recognizable by its grey stone buildings and assorted commercial vessels at its wharves. The wharves themselves are 5 feet high with a depth of 8 feet. there is a restaurant public washrooms and a pay phone somewhat up the hill, but close by.

This marks the West end of Aldolphos Reach where Picton Bay extends to the south and Hay Bay and Long Reach to the north.

Marina Information
Prinyers Cove Marina
Prinyers Cove "Cressy"
Don & Barb Houghton
P. O. Box 6049

Ph. (613) 476-6835.
Depth Length Transient
6 to 24 feet 36 or anchorage 10
Fuel Pump Out Shore Power
  Yes 15 & 30 amp
Water Restrooms Showers
Yes Yes Yes
Repairs Sales Marine parts
Storage Trav Lift Launch ramp
    Ton Yes
Laundry Rentals Food Service
Recreation Season Berths Live Aboard
Yes Yes  

Loyalist Cove Marina
Phone: 613-352 3478
Depth Length Transient
6.5 feet 15
Fuel Pump Out Shore Power
Yes Yes 15 & 30 amp
Water Rest rooms Showers
Yes Yes Yes
Repairs Sales Marine parts
Storage Trav Lift Launch ramp
na Ton  
Laundry Rentals Food Service
Recreation Season Berths Live Aboard

This information is not for navigation, always use official Hydrographic Charts

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